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EUROSTARS present another Europe wide weekend of: “You’re a STAR” Clinics

You’re a STAR clinics are back!

We are extremely pleased to announce that on the weekend of 16th/17th of March 2019, the Eurostars will be available to coach 1 day skills / Gender Equity clinics in different locations across Europe. To make this happen we need your help!

If you think your team or local community could benefit from a professionally run women’s skills clinic and you think you would be interested in hosting an event, please register your interest here:

If you’re a player and you would like to attend a clinic with Eurostars Coaches please also show your interest via the link.

There’s no commitment and we can start talking with you about the possibilities of a clinic near you and how you can help make this happen.

First confirmed hosts get 30 free discs for participants.

Second confirmed hosts get 30 free t-shirts for participants

Head to and register your interest to find out more !!

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