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EuroStars Tour 2018 Announcement

Dear Ultimate Community,

We are very proud to announce the second EuroStars Tour and the official launch of the Americus Pro Cup 2018.

What is that?

The Americus Pro Cup (think Ryder Cup for Women's Ultimate) will be contested between Europe and America. The EuroStars: a group of 16 Elite European Women players will travel to seven North American Cities to play the best of the best USA and Canadian Ultimate Women’s club teams in a two-week period starting August 14th.

After a very successful 2017 Tour we have attracted a lot of attention globally and have now partnered up with the AUDL to develop and progress the first ever women’s professional series: The Americus Pro Cup. Providing an exciting platform to showcase some of Europe and North America's best female athletes!

Our mission is to promote gender equity in Ultimate through professional, elite level women’s games and clinics with key objectives to:​

INSPIRE women and girls worldwide

HIGHLIGHT the widespread female talent found across Europe.

PROVIDE dedicated European women the opportunity to play semi professionally in a team deep with talent.

SHARE spirit globally, in all its glorious international flavours.

PROMOTE and feature female athletes.


The Founder: Rebecca Forth has played international ultimate at the highest level for twenty three years. She has played, captained and coached women’s ultimate in the UK, U.S. and international teams. Her early career exposure to N.Y. players in London framed the possibilities for UK women’s teams before the UK women’s tour existed. Throughout her playing career she has passionately focused on maximising performance and professionalism for all teams she has been involved with and increasing female players’ expectations of themselves. She captained Bliss (UK) and SuperHotPot (international) to 10 victories at Paganello. She captained Iceni and Bliss to many UK National and European titles and managed the GB world games team in 2013. “We were blown away by the response to last year’s tour. The support was incredible and the feedback we received was dizzying. We aimed to inspire and more than anything we inspired each other to do more. I can’t wait to see what a bigger and better version will spark off.”

Our roster is now fully confirmed, and we are thrilled to include 12 nationalities. Go check these world class, amazing players out!

We are also very excited to confirm the following games hosted by the local AUDL teams:

Madison Heist (2018-08-14) hosted by the Radicals

Seattle Riot (2017-08-16) hosted by the Cascades

San Francisco Fury (2018-08-18) hosted by the Flame Throwers

Atlanta Ozone (2018-08-21) hosted by the Hustle

Boston Brute Squad (2018-08-23) hosted by the Empire

Toronto 6ixers (2018-08-25) hosted by the Rush

DC Scandal (2017-08-28) hosted by the Breeze

We are very happy to announce that the AUDL is our major partner and supporter of the Tour providing professional infrastructure and significant financial support. Together we aim to provide an enhanced fan experience at the stadium and online. Quality live streaming will be provided of all seven games from the amazing Fulcrum Media with one of the games broadcast by the free to air sports channel Stadium. Our kit is being lovingly created by Lucky Grass and Discraft returns with a new beautiful official disc of the Americus Pro Cup. We also appreciate the community support from the following organisations: Skyd Magazine, the ShowGame, Get Horizontal, Ultiworld

“The AUDL is excited to become more involved in women’s ultimate and we hope the community will help us make the Americus Pro Cup a huge success,” said Tim DeByl VP of Marketing for theAUDL. “Bex (Rebecca Forth) has put together a really compelling schedule for the tour and we are excited to host and market these games in our local markets and nationally, including producing our first women’s game for a national TV audience on Stadium Sports.”

For now please share, like and shout out about the Americus Pro Cup and the teams involved!

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Twitter: @EuroStarsTour

Insta: @eurostarstour


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