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You're a Star Weekend

We find it very fitting that on International Women's day we can announce that:

You’re a STAR weekend is here!

For the first time in one weekend - this weekend! - nine EuroStars will be travelling to coach You’re a Star clinics in six locations across Europe simultaneously! The Eurostars coaches together with local organisers and coaches will collectively reach more than 400 European players.

The You’re a Star clinics will provide:

- Excellent opportunities for girls and female identifying players to empower their playing style and improve their ultimate skills with exposure to new perspectives.

- An opportunity for outreach to different communities across Europe, increasing visibility, connections and inspiration.

- A hacking style gender equity workshop where the participants will work together to brainstorm ideas for supporting gender equity in their respective countries.

We are looking forward to seeing so many people come together to gain valuable skills from across borders, share their passion for the sport, and contribute concrete ideas for supporting gender equity.

The 2018 You’re a Star Clinics will be taking place in Amsterdam, Bologna, Geneva, Murcia, Reading and Vienna.

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