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EuroStars Tour Announcement

Dear Ultimate Community,

We are very proud to be announcing the inaugural EuroStars Tour.

What is that?

A group of 16 Elite European Women players will be touring around seven U.S. Cities to play the best of the best USA Ultimate Women’s club teams in a two-week period at the end of the July, ending with a showcase in Madison. And to really up the ante the two sides will be battling it out to receive the Americus Cup (think Ryder Cup for Women's Ultimate).

With all the amazing work we have seen from the All-Star Ultimate Tour, and so many others, we wish to continue this work with a more global feel.

Our mission is to promote gender equity in ultimate through high level women’s games and clinics with key objectives to:

  • INSPIRE women and girls worldwide

  • HIGHLIGHT the widespread female talent found across Europe.

  • PROVIDE dedicated European women the opportunity to play show games with a team deep with talent.

  • SHARE spirit globally, in all it's glorious international flavours.

  • PROMOTE local, showcase playing opportunities for women’s club teams and feature female athletes in collaboration with USA Ultimate.


The Founder: Rebecca Forth has played international ultimate at the highest level for twenty three years. She has played, captained and coached women’s ultimate in the UK, U.S. and international teams. Her early career exposure to N.Y. players in London framed the possibilities for UK women’s teams before the UK women’s tour existed. Throughout her playing career she has passionately focused on maximising performance and professionalism for all teams she has been involved with and increasing female players’ expectations of themselves. She captained Bliss (UK) and SuperHotPot (international) to 10 victories at Paganello. She captained Iceni and Bliss to many UK National and European titles and managed the GB world games team in 2013. “In my first World Championships I was impressed by the gender balance of the sport. All divisions were incredibly supportive of each other it was part of the reason I played. Since then the gender balance has been steadily deteriorating. We hope to help right some of this imbalance with the Americus Cup.”

Our roster is now fully confirmed, go check these amazing players out! We are also very excited to confirm the following games:

  • New York Bent (2017-07-21)

  • DC Scandal (2017-07-23)

  • Boston Brute Squad (2017-07-25)

  • Settle Riot (2017-07-28)

  • San Francisco Fury (2017-07-30)

  • Denver Molly Brown (2017-08-01)

  • Madison Heist (2017-08-02)

The Tour will also include a number of clinics across the country.

We will be accompanied by Issy Burke and David “DP” Pryce who will assist with Events and Communications Management.

We are very happy to announce that the USA Ultimate is our major partner and supporter of the Tour financially with a significant sum that will goes towards the costs of live streaming and photographing all seven games all from the amazing Fulcrum Media and UltiPhotos. Our kit is being lovingly created by Five Ultimate and fitness supplied to the players by The Ultimate Athlete Project. We also appreciate the community support from the following organisations: Skyd Magazine, the ShowGame, Get Horizontal, Ultiworld, Italian, Swedish, Russian and Finnish national federations.

“Like the All-Star Ultimate Tour before them, the EuroStars Tour offers an ideal platform on which to showcase our sport’s top teams and athletes in a local, match-play environment while supporting our community’s commitment to gender equity,” commented Andy Lee, managing director of marketing, communications and brand for USA Ultimate.

Want to help?

As with all these endeavours we rely on the amazing support of our friends and families but as important are you guys! The fans and community that we wish to represent and showcase. We are in partnership with Fulcrum Media and UltiPhotos to help us stream and photograph the whole tour. Not just so we can remember it but so that we can use it as an example to organisations and each other of what we can do together not just on the field but off it.

This tour does not come without it’s own level of cost and hence we will be seeking sponsors as well as a crowdfunding campaign to be able to present these amazing athletes over the two weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on that.

For now please share, like and shout out about the Tour and the teams involved!

Home page:


Twitter: @EuroStarsTour

Insta: @eurostarstour


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