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Thank You!

It's now been a couple weeks since the EuroStars Tour took on 9 US club teams and whilst the Americans take the inaugural Americus Cup (6-3) the high standard of the games and the narrow margins have shown that European Ultimate can challenge at every level. It showed that Women’s Ultimate does have an audience worldwide. We are very proud to have successfully put together a team of strangers from 10 different countries and within hours play together as teammates. The tour was an amazing time and we felt the love and appreciation from many great people in our ultimate community. To represent Europe and to play against USA’s best teams we are honoured. To have the opportunity to learn and grow as players and leaders of our local communities it really was a dream come true. This experience has re-energised all of us and we are itching to share the love with our local communities.

The EuroStars after their final game in Madison. Photo by Mark Olson for Ulti Photos.

The EuroStars after their final game in Madison. Photo by Mark Olson for Ulti Photos.

We would like to take this chance to thank everyone who contributed, supported, volunteered and energised this tour and in particular the efforts of:

Brittany Kaplan, Martha Gregory, Sarah Lord, Jenny Fey, Kami Groom, Rachel Kramer, Megan Ives, Claire Chastain, Anna Nasarov, Yelena Gorlin, Sarah Powers, Joe Barr, Jennifer Pashley, Qxhna Titcomb, Xtehn Titcomb, Aimee Kawai, Molly Sinnot, Cate Roscoe, Emma Kahle, Francis Kelley. David Pryce, Issy Burke, Joshua Havens, Luke Johnson, Callie Mah, Sarah Edwards, Eddie Chen, Ren Caldwell, Melissa Withers, Oliver Browne, Kate Barabanova, Jolie Lang, Will Deaver, Kristen Gallagher, Pad Timmons, Charlie Eisenhood, Laurel Oldershaw, Luke Johnson (the other one!) Anthony Solomon, and Sean McCall

To wrap up some of the IndieGoGo perks you can find the plays of the days announced at the following timestamps and links. You will also find the shoutouts at the end of each game so make sure to go back and watch them all!

All other deliverable perks are being processed over the next couple of weeks and some have started to arrive. Please get in contact if you haven’t received yours by the end of September.

The future? There are many plans coming together for the future of the EuroStars. In the first instance we are hoping to run a EuroStars Coaching Day over the off season simultaneously across European cities in conjunction with club team players. If your club is interested in hosting one of these days please get in contact. We are also open to other ideas and thoughts so please don't hesitate to contact us on

Keep your eyes peeled for some posts about what we learnt from this Tour!

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