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Halfway but still so far to travel ...

As the EuroStars travel from coast to coast after three electric games against Bent, Scandal and Brute Squad they will move into the second half of the Tour reflecting on some great plays, fantastic opponents and immensely welcoming hosts.

The EuroStars line up before their battle against Brute Squad. Photo by Paul Rutherford for Ulti Photos.

They are also looking forward to spending a few extra days in Seattle around the first double header against Riot and Underground.

This extra time will also allow the players and team to truly consider the importance of the Tour and other initiatives like it, and hence they would like to invite all Seattle based players, coaches and community members to a Gender Equity discussion on Thursday from 18:00-20:00 (location TBA). Find the FB event here.

To get you thinking and ready for these open discussions please read the fantastic piece by Seattle local Sam Harkness about Choice and Agency.

A sunny start in Boston. Photo by Paul Rutherford for Ulti Photos.

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