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Tee Shirt Winner and IndieGoGo perks!

We are very happy to announce the winner of our t-shirt competition as voted via FB and our team!

We had some amazing entries but had to make sure we could make the winning tee and was within our requirements and budget. A very honourable mention must go to the vest entry which was awesome but sadly we were unable to create it.

However, we narrowed it down to two and couldn't decide so will have two winners. One that will be available through the IndieGoGo perks and as game merchandise and the other that our players and volunteers will wear throughout the tour with some availability at games also.

The winning designs are pictured below. The fan shirt (L) by Peter Weightman and volunteer shirt (R) by Stefan Böhme. We will contact the winners on how to get their winning tee and slight design changes.

We have also released a new perk to be able to get just the tee shirt so please do donate and help us promote the EuroStars Tour. We need you to help us!

More to come soon!

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